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Bi-Energies - The Complete Gas: Go Green

Biogas generated from anaerobic digestion of organic matter such as food waste, agriculture waste, sewage, plant material, etc has been in use for centuries for heating requirements. Today with the advent of technology and materials, biogas is used for both heating and power generation as an alternative fuel. Bi-Energies, a brand defined as a dual purpose of gas, from 2019 has been doing the required R&D and market survey to derive a better solution for the consumers.

Keeping the end-user application in mind and the requirement of a better rate of investment, the biogas technology developed by Bi-Energies has become a better choice. The solution developed through the collaboration with partners and the end-users, through rigorous tests and field trials conducted on daily basis has equipped the Team Bi-Energies with the required skillset and know-how.


  • To Understand bio-gas penetration into the rural network.

  • An affordable biogas plant that common people can adapt to easily.

  • Easy to install, compact and sustainable.

  • Good return of Investment to be provided by the product.

First Sintex Tank Based Biogas Plant Installation in Surat

Flexi Biogas Plant Installation in Surat


Sejal Mishra, a Mechanical Engineer, has conducted rigorous R&D over the past 3 years on Biogas Technology. She has looked into different case studies and tested different types of biogas plants in order to develop plants for a sustainable future for the domestic requirement. She has extensively worked on the ground with the farmers and other domestic customers to understand the need and derive solutions for the same.

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Arun Chauhan, a Mechanical Engineer, has tried and tested various scenarios on Biogas Technology for the past 3 years. He has tested various biogas plants designs and materials for component selection in order to develop suitable plants for domestic requirements. With the required field survey done, with the support of customers and other stakeholders, he and his team have developed a biogas plant for a sustainable future.

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Checkout: Bienergies Technologies

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