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Crocmat - Pond Liner

Crocmat, is a brand specialized in Geomembrane for Pond Lining and also installation of Pond Liners. The Crocmat Geomembrane is also used for Water storage Steel/silo Tanks, Slurry Storage, and Biofloc Fish Tanks, which are now gaining popularity among Farmers. It aims to achieve essential, multi-purpose solutions related to the pond. Crocmat's sustainable quality is also eco-friendly. Crocmat's Geomembrane is used in the following application:


  • Agriculture & Aquaculture

  • Mining & Energy​

  • Secondary Containment

  • Wastewater Lagoons

  • Landfill Covers


  • Golf Course Pond​

  • Stormwater Management

  • Irrigation Storage

  • Canal Liners

  • Potable Water Reservoirs

Within a short span of time, Crocmat has emerged as the most preferred and trusted brand among the farmers due to its commitment to quality and excellence, superior on-field product performance, effective after-sales service, and agronomy support.

The team works with extreme enthusiasm and assure to accomplish great customer satisfaction by offering high-quality Agricultural Products as per their specific needs.

Crocmat offers the following products:

Pond Liner

Pond liners are manufactured in rolls or accordion-folded on pallets. When deployed in the field their edges and ends are overlapped and seamed together. Methods are thermal fusion, solvents, adhesives, and tapes. The edge of the pond liner is generally rolled over the top of the soil slope and secured in an anchor trench or it can be fixed to a vertical wall made of wood or concrete. Box-shaped pond liners can be made for rectangular structures.

Disc Diffuser

Professionals throughout the world use fine bubble disc diffusers for aquaculture systems. They make water cleaner and safer by improving the efficiency of the aeration process in treatment. The customers include:

  • Wastewater treatment plants: Water treatment plants that buy their parts directly from manufacturers rely on Crocmat's diffusers because of their quality and efficiency.

  • Consulting engineers: Engineers who help develop new water treatment systems can suggest the products as part of their specifications.

  • Aquaculture experts: Consultants and experts in the field of aquaculture recommend the disc diffuser for the purpose of aeration or oxygenation in the fish culture process.

  • Pond lining experts: Organizations involved in pond lining for water storage, farm ponds, Rainwater harvesting pond, Landfills activities, etc use the disc diffuser for maintaining water quality.

Aero Tube

No matter the technology used in the aeration or oxygenation of the system, whether fountain, diffuser disc, hose, or any other the main goal is how much surface area it creates. This area is where water comes in contact with air and oxygen transfer takes place. A smaller bubble size results in more surface area, which is why the fine bubble (microbubble) aeration device is superior in oxygen transfer than the oxygenator, diffuser, aerator, or aeration hose that produces thicker bubbles. To maximize aeration efficiency in a diffused air system, an aerator must create fine bubbles with minimal energy expenditure by the compressors. Crocmat Aeration Tube meets both goals and does so, with a long-lasting, low-maintenance system.

Also, because of the number of pores created during the manufacturing process, the aero tube aeration hose creates little resistance when air passes through it. Resistance is directly proportional to the energy demand of the radial compressor, blower, or aerator. With this aeration hose, it will be possible to use much less energy (requiring a compressor or blower with less CV, consequently less KW expenditure), when compared to traditional aeration methods.

Ring Blower

Ring blowers are manufactured for both pressure and vacuum service. When a ring blower is used for pressure, it is usually configured for use as air supply units or compressors, while vacuum blowers are frequently used as vacuum pumps or fume/dust exhausters.

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