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Ways to Create Referrals

There is always an argument among the freshers in PTC that "I have registered in a PTC Site, now how do I create more referrals". Here I would list out the methodologies of how you could create referrals and my experience with them through my success and failure.

Thumb rule: Please, do not just go on creating referrals. Learn and grow yourself and also help others grow.

Note: This blog is also useful for those who want to increase the traffic to their website.

I would rate each method as per my satisfaction in a scale

1) Friends, Family, and Fools (FFF)

A universal solution to create referral is always FFF i.e. Friends, Family, and Fools. These are always your close relatives and friends. It is the easiest way to meet them and create your starting referral.


2) Whatsapp group

You could invite people to join your WhatsApp group. Send an invitation regularly to keep them in the loop to join.

There are various links through which you could join various WhatsApp groups other than your own friend circle group. You could get any number of free WhatsApp groups to join as similar to a few lists given below.

List 1

List 2


3) Classifieds


Registering and posting in locanto as a part-time job has very minimal feedback coming. Either the category of posting has to be changed or locanto may not be fitted to our marketing strategy.


4) Chat rooms and forums

Omegle – daily 100 msg

The response through Omegle is not that great because it’s a direct interaction with individuals and the probability to find new members has very low probability thus is a very tiresome and time taking process. Rather one could look at alternatives available



The response is good because it has various chat rooms and a huge number of people online. It is very responsive as at the time of posting ads it reaches a large gathering.

Advertisement posting per day 300msg. Post advertisement with a specific time break.

Log in as a guest. Don't save the credential otherwise after a few days due to its technical issues it won't open in the same browser.


5) Youtube

To create referrals, one could opt following two ways by using Youtube:

Place comments in videos:

Yes, the best option to gain more referrals is through commenting on the videos with your referral links. But there are more things to worry about than going ahead with this shortcut. I used to post a comment in almost 100 random videos per day but haven't received much luck. I couldn't get many people to click my referral link through this. The channel owners may delete the comment or report the comment as spam if they feel our comment is creating a hindrance in promoting their video.

P.S. If you comment on a large number of videos in a day with a new email id, google would block your youtube channel. Instead, use an old Gmail id and one which doesn't affect your daily activity.


Get video created and posted in a youtube channel with high subscribers:

Nowadays there are many YouTubers who require content to make videos for their channel. They charge a nominal amount and have a large following group of people to which you could reach easily.


6) Email campaign

​You can create an email campaign to create awareness of your work and create referrals. With an email campaign, you can also engage your referrals so that they remain active. You can also provide them offers or notifications for further updates.

There are a few email marketing platforms that I tested:

1) Zoho Campaigns

Zoho Campaigns is an email marketing platform owned by Zoho Corporation in India. The free version is useful but it's not that friendly for creating referrals. With an organization with a domain owned, Zoho Campaigns might be suitable but not for online influencers.


2) Mail Chimp

Mail Chimp is one of the best platforms highly recommended by influencers and digital marketers. It is user-friendly and has many features attached to it. If you do not have a graphic designer, you can use the templates to easily set up the campaigns. It's integrated with Google and Facebooks ads to take your campaigns to the next level.


2) Mail Merge by Gmail

Mail Merge by Gmail is a simple and effective bulk mail sending system for those who have contacts of a maximum of 100. This is good for those who are in close groups and you send them regular updates to keep them engaged. The sender's email id will be your own email id and it would be as if you have personally sent them mail to each individual. This doesn't have much analytics and the mail presentation have to be developed by you individually. I used it for small group communication, especially for those who were my referrals who has to be updated periodically on certain matters.


3) Ascend by Wix

I have used Ascend by Wix and I would rate it as a better solution than Mail Chimp for those who have blogs or websites in Wix. It's very simple to learn and use. Since it's connected with the website, it helps in complete analytics. But you won't get all the features that Mail Chimp offers but for small business development and bloggers this is good.


7) Facebook Groups

Join relevant Facebook groups and post daily ads in the group with the group-relevant niche. Please keep in mind you don't spam the group otherwise you would be barred from posting in other groups also by Facebook. Nowadays posting in Facebook groups is not as effective as the share number of daily posts being updated by so many people and with very few takers. Also with the intention of generating revenue through ads, Facebook creates more restrictions on posting in groups. My only recommendation is to create the best catchy posts for your audience so they could get attracted.


8) Quora

​Type in "Get Free Traffic from Quota" on Youtube and you get so many tutorials. And yes it works but needs a good strategy in place. Quora is one of the best ways you receive referrals or traffic to your website. Just work on the niche and answer the quotations relevant to your work. Also, you could create your own question. Tag your link with the answers through which you could get good traffic. My suggestion is that on daily basis create one quora answer, this could in long run help you reach good audience for you.

Caution: Do Not Spam else the moderator will delete your answer and you would be barred from answering the answers in Quora.


9) Telegram

​What Whatsapp group could not give Telegram gives you. The large Audience and capability to search the relevant groups. Telegram is a good way to grow your referrals and audience. It is also good for affiliate marketing. But each group has its rules which need to be followed. One needs to have dedicated time to understand the group, its audience and its performance.


10) Don't:

  • Do not post your ad on youtube videos, facebook, Quora, or any other website as comments. This is a direct violation of privacy guidelines and could get your account blocked.

  • Do not just go on creating referrals. Learn and grow yourself and also help others grow.

  • Please Please do not spam anywhere. You could be blocked from the platforms.

11) Tools you would require:

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